We did ungodly ghastly things, last night I mean…. Who’s God anyway? SZA (via immortalenemy)

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if you’re going to love me
do it right,
do it hard
but be gentle. alex elle  (via nyu-tah)

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putlocker my main bitch, sockshare my side bitch, gorillavid my 3am booty call

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I’m so tired of guys saying “I want a natural girl” bitch I was born with a vagina and breast I’m a natural girl shut up stop being a lil fuck boy because im confident with my makeup and my fabulousness

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Learn this


and learn this quickly.
everyone you’re attracted to is not for you.

I’ve witnessed too many people stay in one-sided relationships because of a pretty face or a nice body.

Be with someone because you love them,not for the sake of an appealing image.

Staying up all night talking about each others dreams is way better than staying up all night wondering why the fuck you’ve stayed around so long - BBj

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